Here at Tri-Ko, we recognize that each and everyone one of our valued customers possess wondrously unique and varied wants and needs.  We believe that services cannot be successful or meaningful with a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and this is why Tri-Ko actively promotes an atmosphere conducive to personal choices and individual preferences.

Our flexible and comprehensive roster of programs reflects our commitment to identifying and effectively supporting significantly different personalities and lifestyles… and providing a truly “person-centered” experience.

Our services include…

DAY SERVICES Director: Devon Powell

  • Work Activity Center – Tri-Ko’s on-site production floor, where wage-seeking individuals may participate in contract and piece work from various vendors, including but not limited to sorting and assembling tasks.
  • Supported Community Employment – A job services program that assists persons in seeking, securing, and maintaining employment in the community.
  • Transportation – Tri-Ko, Inc. transports individuals daily, Monday through Friday from Miami, Linn, and Anderson counties to the day service sites and residences of those we serve. Services include our supported employment, medical, recreational and senior departments. Residential activities are also included.

SUPPORT SERVICES Director: Kip Lankton

  • Personal Enrichment ProgramA creative, more relaxed space, where persons can pursue non-working valued activities, and explore personal hobbies and interests.
  • Life Skills / ClassroomA series of supports that can be selected to target specific skills for improvement or enhancement.
  • Recreation / LeisureA venue that encourages fitness and healthy habits, including Special Olympics events, YMCA outings, and other exercises.
  • Retirement ProgramTailored specifically to our senior population, where they may socialize with other retirement-age peers and participate in various activities.
  • Day Activity ProgramAn environment tailored specifically to individuals who require significant or increased physical and staffing needs.

RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Director: Shelly Raymond

  • Group LivingA group residential environment where individuals will receive full-time staff support and structure.
  • Semi Independent LivingA residential service with a flexible balance between staffed and un-staffed time dependent on a person’s needs.
  • Independent LivingA home support for highly independent persons who require only basic and occasional assistance from staff.

CASE MANAGEMENT Director: Heather Wier

  • Service Coordination – Each individual will be assigned a personal case manager who will provide advocacy and service planning assistance.  They will help develop a person-centered-plan that reflects individual preferences and aspirations, as well as assistance in selecting service providers and supports.

MEDICAL SERVICES Director: Holly Davis

  • Medical / Health Supports – Tri-Ko employs a licensed nursing staff to assist with medical care and personal wellness for both Day and Residential Service recipients. This caring and always on-call team provides many services including medical care & medication monitoring, hygiene guidance, dietary guidance, and routine first aide. They will also assist, as needed, in scheduling medical or mental health appointments
  • Wellness MonitoringOur Registered Nurses evaluate the level of wellness for eligible participants every sixty days to ensure their health status is maintained as recommended by the individual’s physician. Wellness Monitoring reduces the need for routine checkups in a costly medical care facility.